Academic Transcription Services

Accuro is the preferred partner to academic institutions across the UK. Whether you have a one-off interview or a series of focus groups Accuro offers a service to fit your budget. Multiple voice transcription is a specialist service which requires a highly skilled transcriber. Accuro’s team of multi-voice transcribers have been selected because they have experience of transcribing research interviews. Depending on the brief, we can produce transcripts verbatim or intelligent verbatim.

Accuro’s customer base includes public sector organisations such as universities and Government bodies, along with private sector clients such as market research companies and advertising agencies. Accuro specialises in the production of transcripts from multiple voice recordings, such as focus groups, where an accurate transcript is important to reflect the opinions of all participants.

Our customer service is what makes us truly stand out from the rest. We have dedicated team members to support all of your queries and we only hire industry specific transcribers to deal with your requests.

Our management team have a wealth of knowledge in supporting you to move from your current process to an outsourced solution. We will work with you to implement a complimentary or replacement mode

We also work with PhD students and universities on important research projects, offering a cost effective interview transcription service to meet their limited budgets, while freeing up their time to continue with other important tasks. Our pay-as-you-go payment basis will fit in with most budgets as there isn’t a subscription or monthly fee we only charge for the services you require.