Accuro provides secure transcription services to HR professionals. When sensitive interviews or disciplinary hearings cannot be handled by your in-house secretarial team, Accuro can offer a fully confidential service, which is always UK based. We have a team of legal transcribers with a wealth of experience in HR. They can save time and improve the efficiency of your HR staff, leaving them to give their full attention to the hearing or tribunal.

Accuro has years of experience handling sensitive data, and we never send dictation offshore. Our dedicated team of transcribers and rigorous security standards ensures all UK data protection regulations are met. Our customer service is what makes us truly stand out from the rest. We have dedicated team members to support all of your queries and we only hire industry specific transcribers to deal with your requests.

Our management team have a wealth of knowledge in supporting HR professionals moving from their current processes to an outsourced solution. We will work with you to implement a complimentary or replacement model.

Instead of spending time note-taking and recording information, your HR professionals can focus on more important matters throughout the meeting. Our dedicated, UK based team of transcribers can offer you a guaranteed one-day turnaround, as well as ensuring total confidentiality for all work completed.

You also only pay when you need us, there are no subscription or management fees. We operate a pay-as-you-go service, making us cost effective way of coping with high demand/lack of available staff. Simply upload a digital recording of the meeting to our 256 bit SSL encrypted secure server, and our highly qualified staff will transcribe the minutes for you in no time at all.