Transcription Solutions for Occupational Health

Accuro is an expert provider of transcription services to the occupational health profession. Working within your company templates we simply become an extension of your in-house administration team. Guaranteed turnaround times help you provide excellent service to your customers and achieve your own deadlines and service level agreements.

Occupational health professionals provide a valuable service to clients who expect assessment reports to be completed in a timely manner. Experts typing up their own reports is costly and inefficient and industry leaders now look to other options to reduce the time between appointment and the client receiving the completed report.

Our customer service is what makes us truly stand out from the rest. We have dedicated team members to support all of your queries and a team of medical secretaries who specialise in producing occupational health reports on a day to day basis. Our management team have a wealth of knowledge in supporting occupational health professionals moving from their current processes to an outsourced solution. We will work with you to implement a complimentary or replacement model. We are more than just a transcription service our support.

Our most effective approach helps clients that will not use us all the time. For those days when you are full capacity and need support we are there to help. Our pay-as-you-go payment basis means you don’t pay and subscription or monthly fees, you just pay for the transcription services you need.

Guaranteed next day turnaround and software that enables clinicians to download transcripts securely when away from the office keeps correspondence flowing and ensures that service level agreements are met.