Gullands Solicitors

Gullands Solicitors, a leading Kent law firm, use Accuro to support their transcription needs

Accuro’s quality and guaranteed next day service creates time for fee earners to do what they do best.

Paul Mannering, Practice Manager
Gullands Solicitors


Gullands Solicitors provide Accuro access to over 30 fee earners via the BigHand dictation platform. A decision was made to divide the secretarial role into a PA type function and typing role.

“Whilst it was necessary to retain the PA role within the business, looking for an outsourced partner for the typing function provided much more flexibility and was cost effective” says Paul Mannering from Gullands.

The first part of the restructuring process was to find a suitable legal transcription partner. Accuro provided a free pilot which demonstrated the quality of typing and a 100% compliance on its next day delivery.

“Our particular implementation was staged. We started with a small number of fee earners but rapidly made the transition to Accuro across the firm, especially once Accuro provided access to Laserforms and PLC forms”. Paul continues “Accuro has removed some of the administrative headaches that comes with being the Practice Manager of a busy law firm. One advantage is how quickly it becomes part of the workflow without any need for management input. Accuro’s quality and guaranteed next day service creates time for fee earners to do what they do best”.

Accuro specialises in legal transcription and via a UK panel of legal secretaries produce a full suite of documents, in all areas of law. Accuro is integrated with the leading dictation workflow systems but also provides free access to its own upload/download application.

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