As organisations begin to work to a ‘new normal’ we have put together a list of FAQs. If you have a specific question that we haven’t answered then please contact us via or call 01565 748000 and we will be glad to answer any query.

If I can’t re-employ all my secretaries immediately can I use Accuro on a temporary basis?

Yes, you can install our secure software and only pay for files you upload. This is a pay-as-you-go service with no obligation to send work. You can therefore work with a reduced headcount, using Accuro only when needed.

 If we are anticipating work to increase rapidly with the possibility of backlogs for example healthcare, is your solution scalable?

Yes, we are a leading UK transcription provider working with a panel of over 600 highly experienced transcribers. We have a proven track record in projects to eliminate backlogs in various sectors and with a specialist focus in healthcare.

If our secretaries suddenly have to self-isolate, how quickly can we start sending our dictation elsewhere?

There are lots of options here.  If you already use a dictation workflow system such as BigHand, Crescendo or Lexacom, you are likely to have the ability to access your software remotely. Perhaps you could pool your secretarial resource to cover multiple office locations. If that isn’t an option then you can consider outsourcing.  This can be set up immediately and is free of charge to do so.  Make sure your outsourcing provider is UK-based and has experience in your sector, as cost efficiency is going to be more important than ever.

We don’t currently use digital dictation but will need to during this time, what do we do?

Again there are options.  You can use a smartphone with a secure recording app to dictate, or you could buy a standalone voice recorder.  We can talk you through the various options.  Dictations can then be uploaded to us securely; we will give you free software to facilitate that.  Our secretaries are all remote workers and therefore we can continue to provide a service if you should need it. We operate 24/7 therefore anything dictated out of hours will be typed returned to you the following business day.

We use a digital dictation workflow system, can you access the dictation directly from there?

Yes, Accuro is an approved integration partner with most major digital dictation workflow systems including, Lexacom, BigHand, Winscribe and Crescendo.  You can configure your software so your dictation is forwarded automatically to Accuro, and once typed it can be sent straight back to the author for review. We are also integrated with dictation systems produced by Olympus, Phillips and many others and we can talk you through the process if that helps.

If we decide to send you some dictation is it secure?

Yes.  We will give you a piece of software that encrypts dictation as it is uploaded to us.  That encryption remains in place throughout the process.  Our secretaries are all based in the UK and we have ISO27001 accreditation.  We have been providing typing solutions in the UK for over 20 years.

Is it really expensive and do we have to sign a contract?

No, our charging structure is based on the length of the dictation not how long we take to type it up.  This gives you complete control over spend.  The service works on a pay-as-you-go basis meaning you can use us as often or infrequently as you need.  We don’t need prior notice of an upload of dictation and you don’t have to sign a contract to use us.

At the moment everything is ok, but can we open a pay-as-you-go account with you just in case this changes?

Yes – if you are looking for a safety net we can create an account and show you what to do if you need us. There is no cost for this, just one less issue for you to worry about.

We hope this information is useful.  If there are any other questions you think we could help answer we will be able to provide practical information via any of the following channels:

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