Which voice recorder should I buy?

Accuro can offer advice on purchasing your digital dictation equipment but here are a few points to note:-

  • Do not use a basic note taker as the files will either have to be converted or you won’t be able to transfer them to your PC. The ideal file formats are dss or ds2 as they are small. If a file is more than 1MEG per minute you will have a problem with bandwidth. As a guide a 1MEG dss file will equate to approximately 10 minutes of dictation.
  • Do get a high quality voice-recording device. Higher sound quality means quicker transcription times and lower costs in the end for you. It is a false economy to buy the cheapest.
  • Do get a recorder with a standard wav, dss or ds2 sound file format facility. It is an easy mistake to buy equipment that uses an obscure file format which can only be played using specialist software provided by the manufacturer.

Accuro is a certified partner of Olympus Speech Documentation Solutions and can provide expert advice on which products are suitable for you and your organisation. As an authorised dealer Accuro will also help with product installation and after sales support. For further details on the Olympus range of digital dictation equipment please contact our technical sales team on 01565 748000 or click here