Personalised services in transcription

Accuro are always striving to provide the most efficient service. This is achieved by working closely with our customers to ensure a personalised service is always provided and to find out exactly what works for them.

A large majority of our customers will have specific requirements in terms of turnaround time, personal templates and formatting. We work directly with the customer to improve their experience and ensure that the work exceeds their standards.

Flexibility is always key. A lot of businesses have fluctuations in the quantity of there work, and often urgent dictations will arise. Our ‘urgent dictation feature’ leaves our customers safe in the knowledge that they will receive their transcripts back to the deadlines they are working with.

One of our customers got in touch with Accuro today to express some kind words about the service we provide. It’s always nice to know that your customers appreciate your hard work.

Accuro is a very good service and really efficient! It is a
really personal service and any day to day matters are dealt with quickly and efficiently

– Dr Susanna Gillibrand, MBBS, MFOM

Consultant Occupational Health Physician


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