Insurance Transcription Services

Accuro is the UK’s largest provider of outsourced transcription services to the loss adjusting and investigation insurance sectors. Having insurance field and desktop experts type and create their own correspondence and reports is costly and inefficient, and in this modern and competitive area, managers are looking to faster, more affordable options to improve their operational efficiencies and speedily resolve claims.

That’s where we come in. Our dedicated teams of transcribers have experience of producing CPR complaint statements, loss adjuster claim reports etc., from dictation or handwritten sources, and the guaranteed next day delivery time helps reduce the case lifecycle.

Accuro has over 18 years’ experience of transcribing reports and statements for the UK’s leading claim adjuster and investigation businesses, and we operate a 24/7 service, so field agents and desktop staff can upload dictation from anywhere at anytime and receive the completed transcript back securely the next day.

We take information security and data protection very seriously and are proud to be one of the only transcription companies to be 100% UK based and ISO:27001 accredited.

Accuro’s competitive pricing plans will realistically mean that a loss adjuster or field investigator can spend 1.5 hours less per case and desktop staff an average of 45 fewer minutes. With speed, high quality, security and affordability, Accuro meets all your transcription needs!

Our Insurance Transcribers

Our teams of insurance transcribers are recruited from a group of professional UK-based typists, with experience in insurance transcription and legal transcription where necessary. We never send our customers’ data offshore, and only ever work with experienced UK transcribers to handle our customers’ needs – helping us provide the best service on the market.

Insurance Transcription Services from Accuro

We provide a range of insurance transcription services – whatever you need, Accuro can help. Our transcription services include, but are not limited to:

  • Witness statements
  • Summary reports
  • Motor
  • Theft and fire
  • Employers Liability
  • Personal Liability
  • Copy typing
  • Loss adjuster reports

We have experience of taking a recording of an interview and creating a court compliant statement or a recorded voice and compiling reports on your own templates. We can tailor the service to fit your operational requirement, whilst saving you money and improving efficiency within your team/s.

As well as our insurance transcription services, Accuro provides secure, high-quality medical transcription, legal transcription services, academic transcription services, occupational therapy transcription and human resources transcription.

Security and Data Protection

Accuro’s transcription process operates within a secure, ISO:27001 regulated environment, in strict compliance with GDPR guidelines. We are partnered with the leading providers of digital dictation systems and can often offer a seamless bolt-on to your existing inhouse technologies.

All our software and communications equipment is kept updated and in compliance with industry best practice – security is of paramount importance, so we integrate protective infrastructure throughout our service to provide complete peace of mind to our customers.

No matter how sensitive the information sent to us for transcription, our encryption technologies, secure monitoring, disaster prevention protocols and recovery procedures ensure that your data is secure. Designed to meet the rigid standards of data protection regulation, our security procedures ensure that your data is in safe hands.

Contact Us Today!

If you are interested in implementing a more affordable, flexible and rapid transcription service within your team/s, then you can get in touch with Accuro at any time on 01565 748000 or by clicking here to access our Contact Page.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and our managers will be happy to work with you to design a transcription solution that perfectly suits your needs, whether you’re looking for a complete replacement of your existing model or simply something to complement it.

Accuro can help you cut down the time, effort and money invested in your insurance transcription, and leads the market in transcription quality – so what are you waiting for? Contact us today!