Transcription Solutions for Occupational Health Professionals

Accuro is an expert provider of transcription services to the occupational health industry, offering UK transcription wherever it’s needed. Working quickly, and to an outstanding standard within your company’s own templates, our professional transcribers simply become an extension of your in-house administration team, ensuring you achieve your clients’ SLAs every time. Guaranteed one-day turnaround times help you provide excellent service to your clients keeping you ahead of the competition, while our pay-as-you-go payment plan means you only ever pay for the transcription you need.

Occupational health professionals provide a vital service to clients who expect assessment reports to be completed in a timely manner – but having your experts typing up their own reports is costly and inefficient. Industry leaders now look to other options to reduce the time between appointment and the client receiving the completed report – which is where Accuro comes in.

We pride ourselves on always providing outstanding service to all our customers. Our expert staff are here to help you find the best possible transcription solution for your business.  We only ever work with UK based transcribers, with a team of experienced medical typists who specialise in producing occupational health reports on a daily basis.

Our management team works with you to create the best occupational health transcription solution for your needs, whether you’re looking for a complementary model or a complete replacement of your existing solution with an outsourced solution. Whatever your needs, we are here to help and support you, and can help you realise a 30-40% saving over the cost of employing a secretary – just get in touch today to see how!

Our guaranteed next day turnaround and the use of software that enables clinicians to download transcripts securely when away from the office keeps correspondence flowing and ensures that service level agreements are met.

Our UK-based Transcribers

All our transcribers are professionals, with UK transcription jobs – which is a good thing, since we never send our transcription jobs offshore. Experienced medical transcribers handle all our occupational health transcription services, so you can rest assured that all the necessary terminology and background knowledge will be in place.

Our transcribers offer rapid turnaround and high security too, with a guaranteed next day return time and a host of procedures and programmes in place to assure customer data security in even the most sensitive of cases.

Occupational Health Transcription Services from Accuro

We provide high-quality occupational health transcription services for all the transcription you may require:

  • History and physical reports
  • Return to work reports
  • Operative reports
  • Procedure reports
  • Patient progress reports
  • Research notes
  • Clinic notes
  • Discharge summaries
  • Radiology reports
  • Peer reviews
  • Physician’s dictations
  • Workers’ compensation reports
  • Worksite hazard evaluation reports
  • Workplace injury assessment reports

These transcription services are always provided by experienced transcribers in the medical and occupational health industry, so you can be sure that your reports will be handled with expert care. Alongside these transcription services, Accuro provides secure, high-quality medical transcription, legal transcription services, academic transcription services, human resources transcription and insurance transcription.

Security and Data Protection

Accuro understands that the security of your clients’ data is paramount. We are experts in handling sensitive medical information and use bespoke software to ensure that your recordings are encrypted throughout the transcription process.  The same software provides a full audit trail and a suite of management information, and role-based privileges were required.

We are proud to be one of the only transcription companies who are entirely UK based and also have the globally recognised ISO27001 accreditation – the standard which regulates information security.

With Accuro as your transcription partner, you’ll know that however sensitive your data is, it’s in good hands.

Occupational Health Transcription to Suit Your Needs

We operate a guaranteed one-day turnaround to ensure that our customers receive their occupational health reports back in plenty of time to be authorised and dispatched. Accuro’s competitive pricing structure will lead to a considerable saving on your typing spend.  Our conservative estimate is that by choosing to outsource to Accuro you will save between 30% and 40% when compared to the cost of employing a secretary when you opt for our services instead.

To further improve efficiency, Accuro’s occupational health transcribers produce all your reports and letters on your organisation’s own templates.  Your organisation will be allocated a dedicated team of transcribers so that they become familiar with your house style and content of your reports, as if we were simply an extension of your existing administration team.

Our cost-effective approach helps customers who only need to access our service on an adhoc basis, perhaps to cover staff holidays or peaks in workload.  The pay-as-you-go plan we operate means you only pay when you need us, with no subscription or monthly fees, and our quick turnaround makes us great for managing your work overflow. For those days when your organisation is at full capacity and you need support, we are there to help – just give us a call!

Contact Us Today!

If you would like to find out how to make the most of a cheaper, faster and more dynamic transcription solution, then you can get in touch with Accuro by calling us on 01565 748000 or clicking our Contact Us page, here. We’ll be happy to help you set up a typing model that meets your needs, whether you’re setting up a complimentary solution or switching entirely to outsourcing.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to speak to us about what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.